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Grace Renewable Energy Pvt. Ltd. is one of a leading solar EPC solution provider in India. We offer end to end EPC services to install solar systems with the use of only high precision products and components from globally recognized technology providers. Grace has gained considerable reputation as an active contributor in shaping the solar revolution in the country by successfully delivering projects across various segments such as Residential, Commercial, Industrial, Institutions, NGO’s, Hospitals. With the rich experience of handling 700+ projects, Grace has emerged as a major player in the Solar EPC Industry. Grace has been recognized by Ministry of new and Renewable Energy (Government of India, GEDA, MEDA and has been Awarded as “ Emerging Company in rooftop solar by EPC World Media 2019 at New Delhi

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Grace provides everything associated with Solar under one-roof and DC to AC power inverter is one of them, which is an imperative part of the any solar system, where produced electricity is required in the form of AC.

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Grace is a distinguished manufacturer of panels for advanced and perfect quality range of photovoltaic solar panels manufacturer, It has proven its worthiness in industrial as well as residential applications.

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Grace is a being a top notch name in the solar market for conveying quality in every product, among solar mounting structure is one, configured to deliver most versatile forms of the solar mounting structure that can be set to a fixed angle or adjusted to specific degree as per the requirement.

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World Class MNRE approved CARE Ratings agency has accredited Grace Renewable Energy Private Limited with “SP2C” grading.

Awards & Achievements
Awards & Achievements

Emerging Company In Rooftop Solar (EPC Category)

SolarRoofs Series Excellence Awards

EQ's Gujarat State Annual Solar Awards 2019


Firstly, you must know the meaning of the EPC where E stands for Engineering, P stands for Procurement and C stands for Construction.

In the solar industry, wherever the EPC term used it means that the solar industry is providing the complete 360o service related to the solar system right from the system designing, to assembling the components to the installation of the system.

Our company is the topmost service provider of the Solar EPC Service in Ahmedabad. We are providing the complete solution related to the Solar Power Plant right from designing to the installing of them.

The Grace Renewable Energy Pvt. Ltd. is the Top Solar EPC Provider Company in Gujarat.

The Solar Panels on installation are directly absorbs the photons when the sunlight is falling on this solar panel. This energy is absorbed by these Photovoltaic Cells which are further used for the generation of the electricity.

The different types of the solar panels are

  • Monocrystalline Solar Panel
  • Polycrystalline Solar Panel
  • Thin-film Panels

These are the main type of the solar panel that are available and are demanded in the market. The each type of the solar panel has some speciality due to which they are demanded and are used.

The Monocrystalline Solar Panel possesses the benefits like they are very efficient to use and are good in appearance that enhances the beauty of the place wherever they are used. The Polycrystalline Solar Panel is budget friendly that makes them affordable to install. And, finally the Thin- film Solar Panel is mostly used due their light weight, flexible and portable nature.

We are the leading solar panel manufacturer in Ahmedabad, Gujarat and all three types of the solar panel manufacturer and supplier in Gujarat, India.

The benefits or the advantages of the solar energy are stated below

  • The solar energy is the renewable source of the energy and you are aware that the sunlight we get is abundant in amount and is easily available in the different parts of the world and gets renewed every day.
  • The solar energy is exhaustible in nature, it means that the solar energy is never going to be finished and present in abundant amount.
  • The solar energy is best alternatives and great option of the fossil fuels that are the non renewable source of the energy.
  • The use of the solar energy is that it does not cause any pollution and the global warming.
  • Nowadays, the solar energy is highly used for generating the electricity.
  • The solar energy is environment as well as budget friendly.
The Grace, is the leading solar energy system manufacturer in Gujarat. The solar energy system supplied by us is energy efficient and makes the best use of the solar energy and that are beneficial in different ways.

The best ways to reduce any electricity bill is that the individual must adapt the habit of the closing, all the electrical switches when they are not in used.

The appliances that we are buying for our house, office, school, institutes, etc. should be of the five star rating so that they will consume less power and the result will be directly reflected in the electricity bill.

The use of the solar system panel must be encouraged that makes use of the solar energy and it also helps in reducing the power consumption and save a lot of energy and the electricity bill is also reduced up to great extend.

The Grace Renewable Energy Pvt. Ltd. is the Solar Power Plant Manufacturer in Ahmedabad. The complete solution related to the solar system and the solar panel is provided under the single roof. The best quality product is provided at the reasonable price. We are the Solar Power Plant Supplier in New Delhi, Mumbai, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Maharashtra, Chennai, Andra Pradesh, etc.

Kindly contact us, or enquire us for more details.

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