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Keeping pace with the solar technology, Grace Solar is here with one more innovative range of the solar panel, renowned as a half cut solar panel / half cell solar panel that is designed to uplift solar panel performance. These are basically silicon solar cells that have been cut in half using a laser cutter to augment the performance and durability of the solar panel over traditional ones.

This high performance half cut solar panel is becoming buzz in the market for its abundant benefits, which we have stocked up to provide you instant access. We are Ahmedabad based EPC solar service provider skilled to successfully execute complete EPC solutions for any scale project in India as well as foreign countries at the best prices.

Merlin Flexible Module

Major Benefits of Half Cut Solar Panel:

1. Lower Resistive Losses

Basically, in solar panel the resistive power losses occur when electrical current passed through the cell interconnection. While these solar cells cut in half, the current is divided. This decreased current in turns lower resistive losses and improves the performance. This cut cell solar module design claims to increase the output by 2.5% over a full sized cell and 9 to 10 W per panel.


2. Higher Shade Tolerance

This half cut solar panels have six string design over the three string design of traditional one, hence is more resistance to the effects of partial shade on the panel. So when there is any partial shade on a panel, because of any leaves, branches, bird poop or dust/ debris, the shaded area will only affect a sixth of the entire panel power output, rather than one third of the output.


3. Better Durability

The six string design mitigates the cells size this in turns reduce the stress on each cell interconnection expansion and contraction as the panel heats and cools each day. Further, the small cell size bends less, hence less prone to cracking as well as it also slash downs the hot spot temperature, which ultimately lowers the risk of damaging the panel.